5th Week Notices HT17

Cocktails on Friday,
Boat Party at the Boat Race,
Diversity in Sport Community,
New Members.

Cocktails on Friday:
Once again we will be having cocktails in the club on Friday night. As we near towards various people’s varsities, this will be the last time people can come out in force so bring your whole team.

The cocktails this week are:

1) Raspberry Mule. Vodka, limes juice, sugar syrup and top up with ginger beer
2) Paloma. Tequila, lime juice, topped with Ting Caribbean grapefruit soda. 3) After Eight. Creme de cacao dark and cream de menthe shaken with cream, chocolate garnish.
4) Vanilla Lemon Martini . Vodka, Vanilla syrup and lemon juice. 5) Amaretto Sours. Amaretto , lemon juice, egg whites and syrup sugar

FB page is: https://www.facebook.com/events/406828672986796/.

Boat Party at the boat race:
Following on from the success of this event in the last couple of years, Vincent’s and Atalanta’s are once more taking to the Tideway to support the Oxford crews in their efforts to Shoe the Tabs. With the Men’s Blues and Osiris looking to wrest back the trophy, and the Women’s Blues and Isis striving to repeat last year’s victory it is set to be an exciting day for all.

Tickets include a scenic cruise along the river to take in the atmosphere before the races, a prime view of the start line and TV screens included to enable guests to follow the race from start to finish, lunch and all day access to the bar.

This is always a popular event so don’t miss out on your chance to watch the Boat Race from this unique setting! Guests of members welcome and all dark blue stash encouraged!

Buy tickets here: https://fixr-app.com/event/12926

Invite people at https://www.facebook.com/events/1843166349302241/
After party is at Embargoes, follow this link to get tickets. https://www.encoreoxford.com/

Diversity in Sport Community:
My name is Charlie Hewis, I am a first year at New College and the social secretary for the Vikings team of OUIHC. I am also the only openly non-heterosexual member of the club. I would like to create a group, the Diversity in Sport Community (DISC), for LGBT sportspeople here in Oxford. The LGBT society and OUSU LGBT campaign are of course well established, but I believe that representation in sport is essential since it is an area in which homophobia and discrimination can be subtle, such as uncomfortableness in changing rooms (the phrase “locker room talk” springs to mind) or obvious such as in homophobic comments directed at players from the audience. My vision is primarily a social group but one which shows students new to university sporting that homophobia and discrimination are not tolerated here. I hope to form a group of athletes from as many different sports as I can, to show that we are well represented and that a student’s sexuality should not be a potential reason for them not to engage with our sporting community.
I would like to ask you to discuss this with any of your team members who may be interested in becoming a part of this group or in assisting me to make it a reality. I am happy to continue to correspond with you, or I can be reached through my email (charles.hewis@new.ox.ac.uk) by any team member. If this is an idea that people can get behind, I could imagine events being organised as soon as the start of Trinity.
Best wishes

Stash stash stash:
The kitlocker site is back up and running. We are now stocking nike kit for both men and women. If you would like to order, log in to the Vincent’s website and follow the link under “Club Kit”. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact Jack Paget (webmaster@vincents.org). All orders will be verified by Ed David before they are confirmed.

New Members:
This week we welcome William Thornton (Rugby), Jonny Shen (football) and Charlotte Newman (Swimming).

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