2nd Week Notices TT17

The notices for 2nd week are as follows:

1. Annual General Meeting
The Club’s AGM will be held on Tuesday of 3rd week at 7.30pm. Please see the agenda that was circulated earlier in the week. This is a very important event for the Club so please make every effort to attend.

2. This Week’s Events
Sophie and Ed have been busy organising this week’s events. On Tuesday at 8pm we have the first Quiz Night of the term and on Friday at 8pm, the first Cocktails Evening will be held. Bring your clubs along!

3. Networking Event with Executive MBA programme
On Sunday the 7th of May at 9pm we will be hosting a networking event with the Executive MBA programme. There will be around 40-50 individuals from the programme at the clubhouse. These are all highly successful and influential individuals from a wide range of sectors and many are keen to recruit Oxford students for internships/jobs etc.
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