7 scholar athletes receive Vincent’s Awards

In 2012 Vincent’s Appeal Trust Company (VATC) and the President and Committee of the Club agreed a strategy for the future of the Club. One of the three pillars of that strategy was that Vincent’s would play an enhanced role in support of Oxford Sport, from which the Club derives its inspiration. A Vincent’s Sports Development Fund (SDF) was created to fund awards for outstanding scholar athletes who also displayed leadership qualities and a willingness to participate in outreach activities. Evidence of financial need is also an importance criterion of selection. Details can be found on the Club website.

The generosity of alumni members has made it possible for VATC and the Club to award, through the SDF, to fund four permanent scholarships and/or bursaries for up to £2,500 per annum. In addition, the SDF has further funds permitting flexibility in the number and size of the awards. In this first year, the period for applications was open for only six weeks, closing on 16 July. Despite this, the Selection Committee received an unexpectedly large number of applications of very high quality. As a result the Committee decided to award two scholarships and five bursaries, using some of the additional money in the SDF.

The successful applicants were:

Vincent’s William Broadbent Jnr Scholarship (2014-)
Connor Roth. Somerville. Ice Hockey

Vincent’s Mark Lawrence Scholarship (2014-15)
Sophia Saller. St Catherine’s. Triathlon

5 Vincent’s Bursaries (2014-15)
Samuel Trigg. Worcester. Athletics
Rebecca Lane. Jesus. Rowing
Adam McBraida. Jesus. Athletics
Lydia Dant. Wadham. Triathlon
Rowan May. Brasenose. Athletics

A reception was held in the club on Wednesday 15th October to introduce them. Applications for Vincent’s Awards for 2015-16 will be open from January 2015. An additional award has been promised.

Melville Guest
Chairman of V150 Campaign, Past President
Sam Westaway
Vincent’s Club President 2014-15
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