Outreach Summer Camps 2013 & Fundraising

Between the 17th and the 22nd of June Vincent’s and Atlanta’s clubs held their 2013 Outreach Summer Camp. The event was a resounding success and enjoyed by students, staff and most importantly, the children of St Mary’s and St John’s, and East Oxford schools. SMSJ were with us from Monday to Wednesday, East Oxford from Thursday to Friday. The camp was the largest yet, involving three classes and just fewer than one hundred children, over ten staff and featuring a presentation from the prestigious wheelchair athlete Nikki Emerson. She presented on the notion of the student athlete, exploring the links between academic success and sporting excellence. Nikki sums up this principal perfectly; her presentation was thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining.

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VA held themed days that aimed to develop skills through both non-competitive and non-traditional games and had discussed those characteristics beneficial for athletes and students alike. Our opening day was teamwork themed and we explored the importance of friendship in your development as a student and as an athlete, involving trust games and a plethora of face painting.img4 Particular highlights included mass games of Dodgeball and this face painting effort from Henry. The second day looked into communication and the role of trust in our lives. Our third day was VA Olympics day, a chance to exercise some of the skills we developed during the week in a competitive, team based tournament.

I want to thank all those involved in the Vincent’s and Atalanta’s Summer Camp, especially our committed volunteer staff. The outreach program is an essential and growing component of both our clubs and offers a great opportunity for us to work alongside one another productively. It is with that message that I turn to our current affairs.

One of our founders is currently raising money for the program by competing in this years UK Ironman triathlon. As a former front row prop forward and hooker at OURFC and a three time blue, Gov Oliver has achieved a great deal already by making the unlikely switch to endurance triathlon recently completing a half Ironman. Throughout his time at Oxford, Gov married his academic pursuits as a medic with his sporting goals and charitable activities. He excelled across the board unassumingly and embodies the student athlete. It is fitting that he was one of the first to realise that Vincent’s ideals can be helpful for all. It is unsurprising that even now that Gov has left Oxford, and is completing his first year as a junior doctor at Kings College Hospital in London, he is still trying to provide the opportunities he enjoyed to others.

Vincent’s at Varsity Rugby


At the 2013 Varsity Rugby match at Twickenham, we of course hope to see a strong Vincent’s contingent supporting the Dark Blues. Members are invited to make use of the Blues Village during the day at Twickenham, where there will be live music, food and dedicated bars.

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In addition, members and guests are also welcome to a Vincent’s Champagne Breakfast in the Blues Village, which will be open from 10:30 am – 8:00 pm. For more detailed information, please take a look at the flyer below. To book your tickets, please complete and send the order form to Vincent’s Club, 1a King Edward Street, Oxford OX1 4HS. Any other enquiries should be directed to Simon Offen at V150admin@vincents.org.

Blues Village Flyer

Blues Village Order Form

Vincent’s in the News

The Oxford Times recently ran a feature on the Club, our outreach activities, the V150 and the forthcoming refurbishment. To read the whole article, including comments from our president Marcus-Alexander Neil, click here.

Vincent’s Cocktails Information

We are all set for what promises to be a fantastic event in the Parks this coming Saturday. Online ticket sales are now closed.

Anybody who has purchased online is still welcome to collect their tickets from the clubhouse tomorrow. If you are unable to do so, there will be an obvious ticket collection point in The University Parks near to the entrance by Keble College. It is advised that you have ID with you, and keep in mind that your ticket may be under the name of the person you purchased through.

Just as a reminder, the cricket will commence at 2pm, followed by the champagne tea from 3pm. Photographs for all are scheduled between 5:00-5:30pm, with the evening event starting at 6pm.

All alumni members and their guests are welcome to enjoy the clubhouse following the cocktails. Resident members and guests will enjoy a reception at the newly refurbished Varsity Club where they will be offering 2 for 1 cocktails. At 10.30 all still wishing to enjoy the evening will be able to attend Camera night club for the official after party.

Many Thanks,

Sam Egerton

Vincent’s Golf Day

Golfing members are invited to the Vincent’s Golf Day on Thursday July 4th at Huntercombe Golf Club. Huntercombe is situated a few miles outside Oxford, and holds a reputation as one of England’s best inland courses. The day is of course open to all members, regardless of your handicap! For more details and to book your place, please click to download the form.

Any further enquires about the event should be directed to minnow.powell@gmail.com.

The New Committee

Following the election of our new president, Marcus-Alexander Neil, at the end of Hilary the committee for 2013-14 has been finalised. The full list of roles and new incumbents can be found here. While all members are important to the smooth running of the club, these are the people with particular responsibilities who should be approached with any queries or suggestions you may have. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to serving the club in such an important year as this.

Of course, thanks must go to every member of last year’s committee for the fantastic job they have done, both in leading our club, and in their preparations for the V15o. We are glad to welcome a number of them back to the committee this year to continue their sterling work for Vincent’s.

Real Tennis: 1960s Vintage

The Real Tennis contingent of Vincent’s Members who attended the 1960s Decade Dinner in Oxford on Wednesday 11 April also met for a tournament, organised by Richard White. The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all, for the sporting action and excellent company!

Real Tennis Tournament, April 2013 2012.9 Sardinia - 2013.4 Vincents 826