Blues News – An Apology

The August edition of Blues News contained an erroneous attribution. The article on P.12 was written by Melville Guest and Chris Atkinson, not Chris Jenkins. The error has been rectified but we apologise to all concerned for the mistake, particularly to Chris Atkinson, who has played a key role in helping to turn round the Club’s fortunes, as was made clear in the December 2015 issue of Blues News, which recorded:

Chris Atkinson

Chris is a Teddy Hall man, a hockey Blue, and was Vincent’s President in 1963/64.

He has done as much as anyone to help the Club get back on its feet with the V150 project. An eminence grise to a number of recent Presidents, Chris not only has given sage advice in his typical self-effacing manner, but also encouraged a great number of others to help with their time and gifts. His optimism and constant encouragement have been hugely helpful on numerous occasions.

The Club owes him a great debt, and here The Rt. Hon. Lord Butler of Brockwell KG (University, Club President 1961-2) is seen giving Chris a V150 blazer in recognition of this.

Characteristically, Chris readily accepted our apology, and suggested this email only be sent if it drew more attention to the work of V150 and the need for annual donations from alumni members!


Simon Offen, & Melville Guest (VATC Vice Chairman)

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