Vincent’s Awards

When marking the 150th Anniversary of the Club, one of the principal strategic objectives of the V150 campaign was: “To celebrate a new millennium and an Olympic year, in accordance with its charitable status, the Club should have a role at the centre of Oxford sport, contributing to its governance, helping university sports bodies to encourage sportsmen and sportswomen to apply to Oxford and assisting in funding them.”  

In keeping with this objective, in 2012 Vincent’s Appeal Trust Company (VATC – the Club’s corporate trustee) and the President and Committee of the Club agreed on a strategy for the future of the Club. A Vincent’s Sports Development Fund (SDF) was created to fund awards for outstanding scholar-athletes who also displayed leadership qualities and a willingness to participate in outreach activities. The generosity of alumni members and friends made it possible for VATC and the Club to make 7 awards in 2014, the first year. The SDF endowment has continued to increase, thanks to further most welcome gifts. In 2015 it was possible to give four scholarships and five bursaries, ranging from £1,000 to £2,500 per annum.  

That amount in 2016 totalled £18,000 shared between nine recipients. With the support of our donors, the Awards have continued to grow; in 2019 the fund provided six named scholarships which were shared between nine excellent candidates, and a further seven awards. A total of £29,500 was awarded.
Vincent’s William S. Broadbent Jnr Scholarship
Alexandra Shipley, Worcester, Cross country/Athletics/Netball

The Vincent’s Mark Lawrence Scholarship:
Tobermory Mackay-Champion, University, Swimming
Charlotte Dannatt, St John's, Athletics/Cross country

The Vincent’s Avery W. Broadbent Scholarship:
Jude Bright-Davies, Lincoln, Triple Jump
Annika Möslein, University, Sailing

The Vincent’s Geoff Riddell Scholarship for Team Sports:
Charlie Pozniak, St Benet’s Hall, Rugby Union
Alex Copestake, Kellogg, Hockey

The Vincent’s Fernside Scholarship for Athletics:
Felix Drinkall, LMH, Rowing
Isabelle Scott, St John's, Athletics

The Adrian Mee Vincent’s Scholarship for Team Sports:
Zoe Thursz, Green Templeton, Lacrosse

Vincent’s Award Winners: 
Tina Christmann, Worcester, Rowing
Alex Hampshire, Hertford, Judo
Ore Jacobi, Trinity, Football
Katherine Lightbown, Pembroke, Rifle Shooting
Patricia Metcalfe-Jones, Christ Church, Rugby Union
Laura Neill, Merton, Squash
Teele Palumaa, St Cross, Athletics
The Vincent’s Awards are open to all students and offer holders of Oxford University, contingent on them accepting their place. The awards will be available for practitioners of all officially registered University sports, a list of which is maintained here. Applications will be judged principally on the core values of the Vincent's Awards:  
  • Strong academic attainment coupled with sporting achievement and potential
  • Strength of character, fellowship and leadership potential
  • An interest in participation in broader activities, including outreach
  • A commitment to helping those less fortunate
Financial need is also an important criterion but will be judged in the broader context of the application, and other means of support will be taken into account.   The Selection Committee will have the final say on awards and their amounts: there will be no right of appeal and no amendment of an application unless the committee specifically requests it. The Selection Committee is composed of the following:
  • Dr Adam Healy, (Chairman) former President of Vincent’s, Worcester
  • Professor Peter Mirfield, St Catherine's/Jesus
  • Hannah Danbury, President of Vincent’s, Worcester
  • Nicola Cooper-Harvey, Head of Student Fees and Funding, Oxford University
  • Sophie Gammage, Senior Development Executive – Sport, Oxford University
  • Lydia Welham, Sports Federation President, Oxford University
  • Jamie Towner, Vincent’s Awards Secretary, Worcester
  • Simon Offen, Secretary of the Committee, Christ Church
Vincent’s Club is proud that the Vincent’s Awards constitute by some way the largest block of funding open to scholar-athletes practising any officially registered sport at Oxford University. Applications for the 2020-2021 Vincent’s Awards are now closed.

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