Vincent’s Club Today

By our President,  Matthew Shorthose

As President of Vincent’s, I offer you a warm welcome to the website and to the Club. We are a club with a vast amount of history and tradition, having recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the club. Since 1863, the club has been defined by a shared passion for sporting excellence, a loyalty to fellow members, as well as a drive for personal improvement and community outreach. The recent renovation has brought the club in to the 21st century, enabling commercial use in the vacations, while maintaining the spirit of the club for member use in term time and upon request.

Although it is largely the resident membership who are fortunate enough to enjoy the renovated facility on a daily basis, the 150th anniversary and the support and generosity of our 5,000 members, have reinforced the fact that Vincent’s membership is for life. We will of course always welcome any Non-Resident Member who would like to visit the club. Please consult the opening times or alternatively contact us before your visit, and please bear in mind that the Club can be opened for functions outside of term time, by special arrangement with the Steward. All Members and those involved in sport at Oxford who would like to book lunches and dinners in the Club should email our Events Secretary.

We are a club which prides itself on promoting excellence in Oxford sport. This will be the second year of the Vincent’s Awards scheme. Using funds raised through the 150th anniversary celebrations we are able to award seven exceptional sportsmen and sportswomen, in Oxford, with funding which will help them excel in their chosen sports.

As ever, if you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know; we would be delighted to hear from you.